Refractory ovens

High temperature refractory ovens for the hotel industry. Rotating and fixed furnaces with different combustion sources. Fixed gas and wood ovens, gas rotary ovens and gas and wood rotary ovens. All of our solutions adapt to the decoration of your pizzeria since the lining of the ovens is made in mosaic and can also be customized according to the needs of the customer. Whatever your need, we have the solution!

Rotary Gas and Wood Combustion

Rotary gas and wood combustion

Refractory ovens with a rotary basis of mixed combustion. These ovens have the particularity of using firewood and gas as sources of combustion. Their rotating base allows continuous supply and are ideal for any type of kitchen. Have the best of both flavors depending on the food you cook. Choose to cook with wood or gas. Consult us to jointly define the best solution for your restaurant or pizzeria.

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Rotary Gas Combustion

Refractory kilns with rotary gas combustion. These ovens have a rotating base, are powered by gas whenever there is a need for continuous supply. The dimensions can be customized. Consult us to assess the need of your restaurant or pizzeria, and together we will define the best solution for your business.

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Fixed wood and gas combustion ovens

Fixed Wood And Gas Combustion Ovens by Forni-Design

A wide range of fixed-base furnaces with different combustion options. Our fixed refractory ovens can be powered by gas or wood. Whatever your restaurant or pizzeria needs, we have the solution. Consult us!

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